Your Dog’s Paw Licking May Be A Sign Something Deeper Is Wrong. This New Allergy Chew Can Help

Every 2 minutes, another dog owner buys these breakthrough gut-supporting soft chews – find out why.

How An Imbalanced Gut Affects Your Dog’s ENTIRE Body

When a dog’s gut lacks good bacteria, it can lead them to overproduce yeast in certain areas. From occasional itching to sensitive ears to moist paws – most owners are unaware these odd features are signs of an imbalanced gut. But there are many other signs your dog’s gut is unwell.

What Are The Signs Of Poor Gut Health?

Here are some telltale signs of poor gut health to look out for:
  • Occasional itching
  • Paw licking
  • Head shaking
  • Grass eating
  • Cheesy paws or ears
  • Gas
  • Occasional loose stools
  • Irregular stool consistency and timing
  • Less energy

Get To The Root Of Your Dog’s Seasonal Allergies & Yeast – With This Breakthrough Allergy & Immune Soft Chew

Our best-selling Probiotic Chews are formulated with prebiotics and a proprietary blend of 4 powerful probiotic strains.

The formula supports a healthy gut and immune system – which minimizes the impact of allergens and yeast while supporting digestive health. This means less loose stools, licking, head shaking, and itching and a comfortable, happy dog.

84% of Probiotic Chew buyers surveyed are seeing results after 3 months of daily use*

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Enzymes Green-Check.svg remove.png remove.png remove.png
Probiotics 3 Billion CFU 100 Million CFU 3 Billion CFU 1 Billion CFU
Vitaimns B, C Green-Check.svg Green-Check.svg remove.png remove.png
Turmeric Green-Check.svg remove.png remove.png remove.png
Chamomile Green-Check.svg remove.png remove.png remove.png
*Results based on Probiotic SuperChews buyer internal feedback survey conducted in March 2022 (n=300)


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*Results based on Probiotic Chew buyer internal feedback survey conducted in March 2022 (n=300)
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